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Welcome and thank you for visiting West End Auto Mart! We have aligned ourselves with the most aggressive auto finance companies in the market today. Giving you the customer, the best chance to secure financing to purchase a reliable used car.

We have over twenty years experience in financing and understand that every customer does not meet the tough lending guidelines the local banks and credit unions require to obtain financing for a car. Our lenders do not use credit scores. We have a lender that guarantees credit approval! We have another that only requires 1 month on the job!

We also have a lender that if you qualify, only requires a $500.00 down payment! In fact our financing is so easy, if you can answer yes to the following questions, you are on your way to driving a new car! 1. Have you been on your job at least 1 month? 2. Do you earn at least $600.00 per month? 3. Have you had no more than 1 auto repossession in the last year? If you answered yes to all three questions, please complete the application on the finance page and we will contact you shortly with financing options.

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